Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 1 and Day 2 (17 days diet) + baked salmon recipe

Alright.... Starting weight, 153.5 yesterday...

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs and a cup of coffee (I KNOW not supposed too ) but I would be cranky all day plus headache...

Lunch: Chicken salad at chipotle (chipotle minus rice etc).... drank jasmine tea

Parked on the 5th floor ... used stairs since I did not have time to exercise yesterday...

Dinner: 1/2 turkey hotdog and 1 turkey burger ... about 10 baby carrots

Day 2 : Lost 2 lbs --- weight: 151.5

Funny before shower 152... after shower 151.5 lbs... Did I really carry .5 lbs of dirt lol :-)

Breakfast: 1 activa light (no fat) yoghurt
                   1 cup of coffee

Lunch: Baked salmon and bokchoy

Dinner: Baked salmon and salad.

I just throw this at the last minute because I was hungry... but it turns out SOOO GOOD!

Recipe:  Ingredients: salmon (one big fillet from the store)
                                    1 lemon
                                    1/2 jar of Indonesian "yellow" paste  (the jar on the background)

Direction: Slice salmon into serving sizes
                  Marinate salmon in lemon juice and paste.
                  Be generous with the paste!
                  Bake until done.
                  I like mine a little bit crunchy so I broil it with low heat for just a little bit.


Thanks for your support!  Are you in?

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